microfact.org is an online platform which aims to strengthen the performances of Microfinance and Microinsurance Institutions through the use of tools (Microfinance Tools and Microinsurance Tools) and workshops (Microfinance Workshops and Microinsurance Workshops).


15/06/2015 09:11

Microfact will be present at the African Microfinance Week in Dakar, Sénégal


"Accelerating Innovative Rural Finance in Africa"


During this event Microfact will organise 2 special sessions:

Trainers meeting
A workshop for the West African pool ot trainers to explore with them how to improve the approach and the workshop Microfact. More info.

The practical workshop on Microinsurance that will address the dimensions of value of microinsurance for customers of MFIs and then present and discuss the various management tools. More info.

Visit also the Microfact-stand at the  In  novation Fair   

Microfact is offical sponsor of the AMF 2015

18/02/2015 16:00

Microfact launches the MFI Factsheet tutorial in 3 languages


In order to help the users of the MFI Factsheet,  ADA and BRS developed the MFI Factsheet tutorial.

This video presentation (14 minutes) explains step by step how to use and fill out the MFI Factsheet.


The tutorial is available in 3 languages: English, French and Spanish.


Click here to watch the English MFI Factsheet tutorial



05/12/2014 08:38

First African Microfact - Train the trainer course on financial analysis in Casablanca

BRS and ADA gave their first African Microfact - Train the trainer course on financial analysis from the 27th to the 30th of November of 2014 at the Mohammed VI vocational training center for Microfinance, based in Casablanca – Morocco. 


9 trainers from 7 different African countries participated at this event, which combined a theorical part about andragogy and financial analysis of the MFI Factsheet, and a practical part about the use of the tool itself and the course content.


Participants appreciated the interaction with the trainers and the role-playing. They showed their interest in organising a training for their network in 2015 and as such, encourage the use of this free tool aimed for the sector. Microfact’s expert trainers will support the networks and the newly trained trainers in the organisation of these future trainings.


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