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05/12/2014 08:38

First African Microfact - Train the trainer course on financial analysis in Casablanca

BRS and ADA gave their first African Microfact - Train the trainer course on financial analysis from the 27th to the 30th of November of 2014 at the Mohammed VI vocational training center for Microfinance, based in Casablanca – Morocco. 


9 trainers from 7 different African countries participated at this event, which combined a theorical part about andragogy and financial analysis of the MFI Factsheet, and a practical part about the use of the tool itself and the course content.


Participants appreciated the interaction with the trainers and the role-playing. They showed their interest in organising a training for their network in 2015 and as such, encourage the use of this free tool aimed for the sector. Microfact’s expert trainers will support the networks and the newly trained trainers in the organisation of these future trainings.


02/09/2014 10:02

Microfact launches the MFI Factsheet 4.0, a practical MIS-tool to master the MFI social and financial performance


Microfact, a joint initiative of ADA and BRS, launches  a new version of the MFI Factsheet, an MIS-tool for the monitoring of the financial – and henceforth social – performance of the microfinance institutions.

The new 4.0 version developed by  ADA and  BRS  in collaboration with  Cerise is  completely free of charge and downloadable on www.microfact.org,

New features of the MFI Factsheet 4.0 inlcude:

  • 18 quantitative and result oriented social indicators, aligned with the universal Standards of social performance developed by the SPTF and used by the MIX Market and the rating agencies.
  • 4 new languages: Vietnamese, Lao, Khmer and Arabic in addition to English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian 


Read the full press release here.  he

04/08/2014 09:59

Workshop on microinsurance performance evaluation

Workshop on microinsurance performance evaluation
Sheraton Hotel, Mexico City, Monday 10 November 2014, 9am - 5 pm

Microfact is pleased to invite you to a one day workshop on financial and social performance evaluation for microinsurance.

This interactive training is targeted at microinsurance practitioners, funders, regulators and technical assistance providers.

Register  here for the workshop in English or click  here to attend the Spanish version!  


18/03/2014 14:49

Morocco: successful test of a new training module

With more than 800,000 customers and mobilizing about € 500 million in microloans, the microfinance sector in Morocco is very active. The Mohammed VI center (CMS) in Casablanca is a center of education and training. At the request of CMS, ADA and BRS organized a workshop for the management of MFIs and students. It was a successful test of a new training module that not only dealt with the financial but also with the social performance of MFIs.

Among the participants, expectations vis-à-vis the social dimension were very high. The crisis in Morocco in the years 2007-2008 was clearly not yet forgotten. The introduction of the new tools - the MFI Factsheet 3.6 and the SPI4 - to measure and analyze the social performance were highly appreciated.

16/01/2014 10:09

MICROFACT: sponsor of the first edition of the African Microfinance Week

The first edition of the African Microfinance Week has brought together more than 250 participants in Arusha, from December 2nd to December 6th, 2013. 5 days of conferences, discussions, meetings, and trainings have allowed to gather up all-level stakeholders coming from 44 countries – 36 of which were african – on the subject of the regulation in microfinance.

Organized by ADA and supported by the Cooperation Development and Luxemburgish humanitarian action, the African Week was particularly sponsored by Microfact.  In this way, the platform has been able to present its different tools and organize a day and a half of work, thoughts and discussions between the Microfact coordinators and the workshop trainers. These days of work have allowed to assess the content of the workshop and to determine the way to adapt it to the current educational methods. A particular attention has been given to the future creation of a quality circle on the content of the tools available on the platform. Indeed, the online putting of the last version of the MFI Factsheet 3.6 – which integrates the social indicators – is scheduled on the first quarter 2014. An evaluation of these last years of activity will be made.

The workshops on financial performance analysis are also more and more in demand. We have the pleasure to announce that the next workshops in 2014 will notably take place in the Green Cape, Togo, Mali, Vietnam and Guatemala amongst other collaborating countries.

The whole team of Microfact finally wishes to thank all the professional associations, which have put a lot into the organization of the workshops during these last years, and greatly encourages the networks of each continent to visit the platform regularly. 

We wish you all a great year 2014, with a lot of success in the achievement of your projects.

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