microfact.org is an online platform which aims to strengthen the performances of Microfinance and Microinsurance Institutions through the use of tools (Microfinance Tools and Microinsurance Tools) and workshops (Microfinance Workshops and Microinsurance Workshops).


27/02/2009 18:29

Workshop on Performance Indicators for Microinsurance

ADA, BRS and GTZ, active members of the Microinsurance Network, will organise a one day workshop on Performance Indicators for Microinsurance on 1 April in Brussels. Read more on the Microinsurance Workshops pages.

19/02/2009 14:03

MFI Factsheet 3.0 released

A new version of the MFI Factsheet is now available.  You can download it in the Microfinance Tools section.

27/10/2008 20:13

European Microfinance Week

 www.microfact.org was presented at the European Microfinance Week in Luxemburg.

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