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19/04/2016 12:02

Today 19/04/2016 we release updated version of our MFI Factsheet!

We are pleased to present an updated version of the MFI Factsheet 4.1.

  • Compare your MFI with the country peers through an automatic import of the MIX data
  • Follow up on your voluntary savings
  • Check the consistency of your data in one click! 


Download today a new version which is more performant and user friendly: click here

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Following the changes in the MFI Factsheet, Microfact is also updating its another tool: MFI Factsheets Compiler. It serves to import, store and organize MFI Factsheets in order to generate financial reports in a practical way. Updated version of the MFI Factsheets Compiler will be released NEXT WEEK.

11/04/2016 08:47

Release updated tools for Microfinance !

Keep an eye on our website, as on 19th of April we release updated tools for Microfinance!

25/01/2016 12:59

Integration between the SPI-4 and the MFI Factsheet

More simplified use of social indicators

Through the collaboration between ADA, BRS and CERISE, measurement tools of social indicators from the MFI Factsheet can now be automatically integrated into the SPI-4. The new interface simplifies the use of these two tools.

The MFI Factsheet, based on data coming from the financial statements of the institution, calculates the evolution of key performance indicators and presents the results in graphical form. This financial and social performance monitoring tool has been developed to allow rapid and easy usage of it.

Furthermore, the SPI-4 is a tool for evaluating social performance for microfinance institutions. It helps them assess their stage of implementation of universal standards of social performance management that include the principles of protection of clients of the Smart Campaign. SPI-4 also offers users the possibility of an analysis under a specific mission angle - green microfinance, poverty level, rural or urban origin, gender - to assess their practices through optional indicators that reflect the most recent industry reflections in these areas.

Thanks to this new functionality, microfinance institutions, social investors, networks and other institutions already using MFI Factsheet can easily and quickly integrate social indicators of the MFI Factsheet in the SPI-4.

More information on the Cerise website 

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