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21/12/2015 11:50

Microfact workshops in Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

Microfact travelled from the 1st to the 9th of December 2015 to Phnom Penh – Cambodia to give a Training of the Trainer course on financial & social performance analysis followed by the Microfact Performance Indicators workshop.

6 trainers, 4 from Cambodia and 2 from Vietnam participated in this event, which combined a theoretical part about andragogy, financial and social analysis and a practical part about the use of the MFI Factsheet and the course content.

Participants appreciated the interaction with the trainers and the role-playing. One of the candidate-trainers got the chance to replicate the training with the support of the ADA and BRS trainers to 24 participants from 12 different Cambodian MFIs, from 7th till 9th of December 2015.

27/08/2015 11:09

Micro-assurance, Performance Sociale et Financière (workshop)

29 - 1 October 2015 - Casablanca, Morocco


The Mohammed VI Centre in Casablanca (CMS), along with ADA Luxembourg, BRS Belgique and the Morocco Federation of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies, will be organising a training titled "Micro-assurance, Performance Sociale et Financière".


This workshop will focus on microinsurance performance indicators and is aimed at the management of microcredit organisations, which sell insurance products. The training is highly interactive and is aimed at conveying new analytical skills for best interpretation of financial performance ratios. Please note, the event will be in French.


More info.

10/08/2015 09:59

African Microfinance Week big success !

The presence of exceptional partners like Microfact contributed to the resounding success of the 2015 edition in Dakar:


  • 540 participants from 300 organizations, including 120 MFIs
  • 49 countries - including 36 African - represented
  • 2 days conference with over 15 thematic sessions
  • more than 20 workshops, training sessions and parallel events organized by partners
  • the first edition of the Innovation Expo
  • and always an unique opportunity for MFIs to meet investors in microfinance at the 7th Fair AMT investors


The African Microfinance Week aims to become a platform to guide the strategic choices of policy makers in support of inclusive finance.

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