Strengthening Microfinance

We aim to strengthen the performance of Microfinance Institutions through the use of tools and workshops

Tools, Workshops & Trainers

‘Let your figures talk’ is the slogan of Microfact. Microfact is a joint initiative of BRS (Belgium) and ADA (Luxembourg).

Microfinance institutions can turn to Microfact for expertise on how to evaluate their financial and social figures and communicate about them transparently with everyone involved.


Microfact has developed different monitoring and financial performance analysis tools. These tools are intended for microfinance institutions and for other organisations active in the sector such as funders, donors or networks. In total, almost 1000 institutions and organisations use one of our various Microfact tools.

Microfact workshops & online courses

Performance evaluation of MFIs: “Let your figures talk”.
Business planning with projections in Microvision.

Trainers & consultants

To leverage the dissemination of knowledge on different workshops and tools, Microfact has built a broad network of the local trainers, active on all the continents. Contact one of our trainers to organize a workshop at your institution!

Tools & Software for you

Via this website, Microfact offers free software for financial performance evaluation and business planning. In addition, for its training modules Microfact relies on a worldwide network of certified trainers. In 2020, Microfact launched its e-learning platform. 

Agenda: Our Next Courses

First Sessions:

On 1st February 2022 Starts A New Edition Of The E-
Learning Course: “Performance Evaluation Of Mfis”

On 2nd May 2022 Starts A New Edition Of The E-learning Course: “Business Planning With Projections In Microvision”

Second Sessions:

On 4th July 2022 Starts A New Edition Of The E-learning Course: “Performance Evaluation Of Mfis”

On 3rd October 2022 Starts A New Edition Of The E-learning Course: “Business Planning With Projections In Microvision”

in English, Spanish and French! Check here!


What others say about us:

Romain Tevels

I have been using MFI Factsheet almost since its first version back in 2011-2012 and found the tool useful, pragmatical. When I first heard that BRS and ADA developed a new projection tool in 2017, I got immediately interested in it and motivated to learn how to use an additional tool of the Microfact toolbox. In addition, I was also very much interested in meeting with Microfact team in Leuven after all these years reading their newsletter and interacting indirectly with them from a distance.

Godbless Safugha

As a microfinance consultant in Nigeria, I have worked with several MFIs in the area of business planning and financial projection, the common problem I have seen in the industry is a capacity gap in financial modelling. MFIs fails to develop good business plans with a realistic financial projection. So, when I saw the advert from Ada regarding Microvision, I saw the need to participate in the training for the purpose of empowering the MFIs that I support back home.









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