A historic moment for Microfact and its founding partners, BRS and ADA: after 5 months of intensive and creative development, today we are launching the Microfact e-learning platform! 

Microfact already has a large community of certified Microfact trainers and Microvision consultants. Now we are also adding a new distribution channel for our workshops. This offers us and our participants many advantages and opportunities. For example, we can now offer the workshops to 16 participants from Myanmar, where a coup d’état took place. In these circumstances we would never be able to fly there.

We kick off with two digital courses: ‘Get to know the MFI Factsheet’ and ‘Let your figures talk’. 40 participants from all over the world are taking part in the pilot edition. The e-learning is full of interactivity, quizzes, videos, attractively explained theory and exchange possibilities with the trainers and the other participants.


Curious about what Microfact has achieved in 2020? Be sure to watch the short video on www.microfact.org

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