We aim to strengthen the performance of your Microfinance and Microinsurance Institution through the use of tools and workshops.




'Let your figures talk' is the slogan of Microfact. Microfact is a joint initiative of BRS (Belgium) and ADA (Luxembourg).

Microfinance institutions can turn to Microfact for expertise on how to evaluate their financial and social figures and communicate about them transparently with everyone involved.

Via this website, Microfact offers free software for financial performance evaluation and business planning. In addition, for its training modules Microfact relies on a worldwide network of certified trainers. In 2020, Microfact launched its e-learning platform. 


Our next trainings

On 15th of July 2021 we launch our digital courses on Performance Evaluation of MFIs in English, Spanish and French! Check them here!

Pipeline for our class workshops:

* Microvision: Thailand, Zambia, Honduras, Peru, Germany - ADG

* KPIs: Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mongolia, Palestine, Dem. Rep. of the Congo