Christopher Malwadde

Stars: ⋆⋆⋆⋆

Experiencia: Christopher is an independent Financial Inclusion Specialist consultant holding an MBA in Accounting and Finance. With over 25 years of working experience, I have carried out training needs assessments, conducted trainings and provided on-site technical assistance for various Financial services Providers and microfinance networks in several countries including Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, South Africa, Ethiopia, Tanzania, The Gambia, Egypt, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Sierra Leone, West Bank and Lesotho.

Key Expertise areas: Business Planning (using either the Microvision tool or Microfin), Institutional Performance measurement, evaluation and improvement, Risk Management and Financial Management.

Experiencia Microfact: Consultor Microvision 

Ubicación: East-Africa

Correo electrónico:

Teléfono:+256 772 771 859

Móvil: +32 499 718 736

Función / Organización: Independent consultant

País: Uganda

Idiomas: Luganda, English




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