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Expérience : Gilles has an extensive experience in microfinance advisory and capacity-building. He has worked throughout Western and Central Africa over the last 16 years advising MFIs on strategic development and operational planning, training, and social performance management & assessment. He is Certified Lead Assessor on Client Protection Principles (SMART Campaign), SPI4 qualified Auditor and MICROVISION for Financial Projection. Gilles holds a Master’s degree in Management of Economic Policy, (a Joint-Program of Cocody University in Abidjan, in partnership with the World Bank and the African Capacity Building Foundation), as well as a Master’s in Management and Technical Banking and certificate in digital finance.

Key Expertise areas : Business Planning, Risk Management, training, Project management, Client Survey and Product Developement, Digital Finance, Social Performance Management, Client Protection, Social and Financial Rating, ESG rating.

L'expertise Microfact : Microfinance KPIs Senior Trainer, Microvision Consultant, Microinsurance KPIs Trainer

Lieu de travail : West-Africa


Téléphone : +229 95816309

Fonction / Organisation : West Africa Regional Manager at I[SR]

Pays : West Africa

Langues : English, French

LinkedIn : 



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