Microfact aims to strengthen the performance of Microfinance and Microinsurance Institutions through the use of tools (Microfinance Tools and Microinsurance Tools) and workshops (Microfinance Workshops and Microinsurance Workshops). 


  • 17/07/2017 14:15

    ILO's Impact Insurance Facility, Academy of Learning and Microfact organize training in Microinsurance KPIs in Bangladesh

    Practitioners involved with an on-going Microinsurance program and financial decision makers, that want to implement or expand their organisations’ use of KPIs will participate in this 3-days training. It will take place from 7th to 9th of August in Dhaka. Are you interested in this course? Register via this link: https://aolbd.com/index.php?aol/apply


  • 21/03/2017 10:05

    And the winners are...

    Microfact congratulates the 5 recipients of the "Microfact Acceleration Grant" and thanks all the applicants for their engagement and interest!

    Through this initiative, Microfact wants to encourage trainers to actively look for opportunities to organize workshops within their Microfinance and Microinsurance networks and beyond. After the workshop and reception of the workshop report, Microfact will pay the grant to the trainers (1000 euros for the trainer or 600 euros per trainer, if 2 trainers).


    These are the selected Microfact trainers who committed to organize and conduct a Microfact workshop in 2017:

    Trainer Place of the workshop Timing
    Oricel Caminero & Jerameel Rosario Santo Domingo, Rep. Dominicana 22-23 of June 2017
    Januario Ntungwa Kampala, Uganda 1-3 of June 2017
    Ignace Dovi Bohicon, Benin July 2017
    Ivo Sule Balde Bissau, Guinea Bissau August 2017
    Fethi Cherni Tunis, Tunisie September 2017


  • 01/02/2017 09:29

    Microfact Acceleration Grant - apply today!

    As a means to provide even better support to local trainers in Microfinance and Microinsurance Key Performance Indicators, Microfact proposes the new Microfact Acceleration Grant.


    Through this initiative, Microfact wants to encourage trainers to actively look for the opportunities to organize workshops within their Microfinance and Microinsurance networks and beyond.


    5 selected trainers, who successfully organize and conduct a Microfact workshop before the 31st of December 2017 (not financed by ADA nor BRS), in line with the commitments gathered in the Trainers Habilitation Letter will receive a Microfact grant.


    Questions about the application form or the selection process should be directed to the Microfact Coordinators: jarek.chuchla@brs.coop and c.morilhat@ada-microfinance.lu

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