Microfact aims to strengthen the performance of Microfinance and Microinsurance Institutions through the use of tools (Microfinance Tools and Microinsurance Tools) and workshops (Microfinance Workshops and Microinsurance Workshops). 


  • 16/11/2010 17:06

    Report on Microinsurance Social Performance Indicators available

    This workshop report is the first public document on social performance for microinsurance. It is the outcome of a workshop with 15 microinsurance practitioners held in Luxembourg on 5th to 7th October 2010 by ADA, BRS and the Microinsurance Network. Learn more

  • 27/10/2010 11:16

    New handbook "Performance Indicators for Microinsurance" available

    ADA in collaboration with BRS and the Microinsurance Network has published an updated version of the Performance Indicators for Microinsurance handbook. Given the volume of feedback from participants in subsequent workshops and from experts, it became important to publish a second and improved version. This version provides more examples, uses better data for illustrating each indicator, categorizes the principles and indicators, elaborates on a number of concepts such as asset-liability matching, and has an expanded glossary of terms. Finally, index-based and Takaful insurance are included with some guidance on how the principles and indicators may be adapted for these types of programmes.

    Download it here

  • 12/08/2010 21:01

    9 November, 2010: Workshop on Microinsurance Key Performance Indicators in Manila

    This half day workshop on the Microinsurance KPIs will be organised on November 9 from 08.30 till 11.30 during the 6th International Microinsurance Conference 2010 at the Hotel Intercontinental in Manila, Philippines. Participation is free of charge, but only a limited number of seats is available.

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