Performance evaluation of MFIs: “Let your figures talk”

This highly interactive workshop targets MFI managers of organisations with different profiles (legal form, age, size, area of operations,…) within a single region or country, who are keen to get more familiar with the calculation and interpretation of the financial ratios of their organisation. They will have the opportunity to get an on-site analysis of key performance indicators and return to their institution with practical and ready to use tools. It must be stressed that this training is based on the real figures of the participating MFIs.


The general objective of the workshop is to give MFIs a better insight into the actual financial situation of their organization and its position in the microfinance sector.

It is vital to understand the benefits of monitoring and analysing financial performance indicators. Appraising their operational risks and assessing their financial condition will allow institutions to maintain or to progress towards sustainable business models.

Specific objectives include:

  • Teaching MFIs the existence, definitions, and interdependence of commonly used and accepted performance indicators in the microfinance industry.
  • Enhancing the skills and capacity of management in interpreting ratios, analysing financial trends, positioning themselves within the industry (benchmarks) and identifying key areas of risk to mitigate.
  • Sensitising MFIs about the importance of performance monitoring as a tool for their daily management, decision‐making and business planning process.
  • Raising awareness about the benefits of transparency and performance assessments (ratings), namely to secure external sources of funding.
  • Promoting the exchange of knowledge and experience among participating MFIs.


3 day workshop includes:

  • Analysing performance in microfinance – the microfinance key performance indicators in the following areas: Portfolio Quality, Efficiency and Productivity, Financial Management, Profitability and sustainability and Social Performance.
  • Enhance the skills and capacity of management in interpreting ratios, analysing financial trends, positioning themselves within the industry (benchmarks) and identifying key areas of risk to mitigate.
  • Promotion of the exchange of knowledge and experience among participating MFIs.
  • How to use the MFI Factsheet tool in your day-to-day management and in your communication with the stakeholders.

Training method

This workshop has distinctive didactic features so as to generate:

  • Interactivity: Results for each MFI’s performance indicator is illustrated through graphs built from the financial data provided by MFIs. The graphs show each MFI’s performance with reference to the current situation, benchmarking and trends over the last 3 years. 
  • Participation and exchange: Participants are invited to give their interpretation and to comment on the graphs in light of their specific operational context and institutional organisation, and to share/exchange their experiences and practices. 
  • Putting learning into practice: Practical exercises and analysis of trends are also part of the course. A final case study encompassing all the notions reviewed is ultimately carried out.

Target audience

This workshop is intended for the (financial) decision makers of the Microfinance Institutions, typically the financial or general managers. An understanding of basic accounting principles and fundamental microfinance principles, is required. Participants should therefore have at least 2 years of experience in the delivery of microfinance products. The ideal number of participants for each training course is between 15 and 25 from the region where the training is to be held, with a minimum of 10 MFIs, maximum of 2 participants per organisation to encourage exchanges between them.


The workshop is organised jointly by a local PARTNER and Microfact. The distribution of tasks between MICROFACT TRAINERS and the PARTNER for the workshop coordination is as follows:

  • Microfact certified TRAINER provides the content and moderates the workshop
  • The PARTNER promotes the workshop among selected institutions of the country/region and is in charge of all organisational aspects before, during and after the workshop.
  • Detailed tasks list will be provided to the PARTNER by MICROFACT TRAINER.


There are no preset dates for these workshops.
Every workshop is tailor made and on demand.
Please contact one of our trainers, if you would like to participate to this workshop. 

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