MFI Factsheets Compiler


The MFI Factsheets Compiler is a tool to import, store and organise MFI Factsheets in order to generate financial reports in a practical way. These reports include standard financial ratios, graphs and statistics allowing to assess and compare the financial performance of MFIs.


Features such as the multicurrency support and the ability to manage MFIs within groups makes it the perfect tool for any organisation collaborating with multiple MFIs.


  • Import, store and organise MFI Factsheets in a central database
  • Generates 3 types of reports including ratios, graphs and statistics
  • Report templates are easy to customize
  • Monthly currency rate management
  • Local or network installation (multi-user)
  • Free to use with online support

Designed for

  • Support organisations (funders, donors, …)
  • MFI Networks
  • Microfinance institutions


System requirements

  • Windows XP or higher (Win Vista, Win 7,...)
  • Microsoft Office 2003 or higher 
  • 25 Mb of available disk space 




Loïc De Cannière, Chief Executive Officer of Incofin IM, Belgium

The MFI Factsheets Compiler gives a clear view of key figures and its flexibility allows us to make data selections ourselves. That way we can perform the analyses that are most relevant to us and make the trends, based on different parameters, visible. Therefore it is an ideal tool to report on our portfolio.


Furthermore, the MFI Factsheet is also a useful tool for MFIs. They can switch it into the language of their choice and follow up a wide range of financial ratios, including their growth, portfolio quality and efficiency.



The MFI Factsheets Compiler is intended to be used along with the MFI Factsheet. 
Make sure you are already using the MFI Factsheet before downloading the MFI Factsheets Compiler.

Cllick here to download the MFI Factsheets Compiler



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