Frequently Asked Questions MFI Factsheets Compiler

  • What is the default password that must be entered when first using the MFI Factsheets Compiler?

    When you run the software for the first time, the default settings are:

    • user: admin
    • password: 2307011gfr


    For security reasons, you must change these settings as soon as possible.

  • Where can I get support?

    We give online support free of charge.


    To benefit from support you must have the minimum requirements and the latest version of the software.


    Please go to the support section

  • I can't log in (error message "User admin is already logged on")

    If you do not quit the software properly, you may encounter the following error message at the time of logon: "User admin is already logged on".


    Warning: this procedure may require some skills in computing. 


    To solve this issue, please follow these steps:

    • Close the software
    • Edit the database file (brs.mdb) with Microsoft Access
    • Edit table TB_BRS0017
    • Delete existing records   
    • Close the database and relaunch the software


    Please refer to FAQ item "Where is the database folder located?" if you need to locate the database file (brs.mdb).

  • I can't import a MFI Factsheet (error message "Rejected" or "Inconsistent data")

    When importing an MFI Factsheet you may encounter an error message  ("Rejected" or "Inconsistent data").


    Firstly, open the MFI Factsheet and check if the entered information is ok.  Please try to re-import the MFI Factsheet.


    Secondly, we suggest you copy existing data in a new and fresh MFI Factsheet.  Please be sure to download the latest version of the MFI Factsheet from our website. 



    When you copy-paste the information from on old MFI Factsheet to a new MFI Factsheet, it is advisable to use the paste special (option Values) function.  This is how to procede:

    • In the source MFI Factsheet, select the data in the Excel Sheet  
    • Copy the data by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl C


    • In the new MFI Factsheet, you must paste the values by clicking Edit in the tool bar
    • Click Paste Special

    • Select Values and confirm by clicking Ok 
  • The currency entry of current month isn't available in the list?

    There is no function that automatically creates new exchange rate entries in the currency database when the actual date enters a new month. You must do it manually.


    To update the periods for a currency:

    • From the home screen click Manage Currency
    • Select the currency and click on Detail button below
    • Click Save at the bottom and all the lacking currency entries for that currency will be generated



    The message At least one active currency doesn't have a currency rate for this month reminds you when you should perform this action.

  • The imported currency in the MFI Factsheet doesn't match with the currency in the MFI Factsheets Compiler.

    The currency is never imported from the MFI Factsheet. Indeed, each MFI is linked to a single currency within the MFI Factsheets Compiler.  


    If you wish to change the currency of an existing MFI, please follow these steps:

    • Click Manage - MFI


    • Select the MFI


    • Click Detail


    • Adjust the drop-down menu currency


    • Click Save


  • How can I adapt the export templates of the reports?

    Indeed, you may customize the export templates. There are three template files:

    • MfiFactSheetTemplate.xls
    • MfiFactSheetTemplate256columns.xls
    • MfiFactsheetTemplate10columns.xls


    Where are the templates located?

    The files are located in the directory of the software (Default folder: c:\KBC Exploitatie N.V\KBC.Brs\ )


    Be careful: you can exclusively adapt the Financial ratio sheet as well the Graph sheet. (Moreover, you can also modify some hidden sheets with caution).  You may not make changes to the Identification sheet, the Balance sheet, the P&L sheet and the Extras sheet.



    Certain sheets are protected.  Therefore, you must unprotect the sheet before making a change.


    To unprotect a sheet in Excel 2003:

    • Click Tools in the menu bar
    • Click Protection
    • Click Unprotect Sheet


    To unprotect a sheet in Excel 2007:

    • Click Review tab
    • Clicl Unprotect Sheet  


    Please note that the sheets will be protected automatically as soon as you go on another sheet. 

    Please perform this procedure whenever it is necessary.

  • I can't import an MFI Factsheet (error message "Invalid file structure").

    Before importing an MFI Factsheet you must rename the file with a specific structure: XXXXXYYYYMMU.XLS

      XXXXX (5 characters): the MFI-Code that you have defined in previous steps

       YYYY (4 digits): the year of the period of the most recent available data on the file

       MM (2 digits): the month of the period of the most recent data

       UNIT (1 digit): the unit code of the amounts:

    1 = as is

    2 = given amounts in the MFI-sheet are a multiple of 100

    3 = given amounts in the MFI-sheet are a multiple of 1.000

    4 = given amounts in the MFI-sheet are a multiple of 10.000

    5 = given amounts in the MFI-sheet are a multiple of 100.000

    6 = given amounts in the MFI-sheet are a multiple of 1.000.000

  • I can't add a currency in the list (error message:"Currency code XXX already exists. Please enter a new currency code").

    When you try to add a new currency in the menu "Manage Currency" you may encounter this message: "Currency code XXX already exists.  Please enter a new currency code".


    This means that the currency already exists (in the default list) but is not active.


    To activate an existing currency, follow these steps:

    • Click Manage Currency


    • Deselect the check box "Show the active currencies only" located at the bottom of the screen
      The full list of existing currencies should now be visible.


    • Select a currency you want to activate


    • Click Detail


    • In the dropdown menu Active select Yes


    • Click Save to confirm
  • Error message "database not found"

    The error message "database not found" means that the database file brs.mdb has been moved.


    Please check the configuration file to know where the database is located.

    Please refer to the FAQ item "Where is the configuration file located?".

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