Microinsurance Performance Indicators

Since 2006 ADA and BRS are leading the Performance Indicators initiative within the Microinsurance Network. As part of this work, Microfact has developed different monitoring and performance analysis tools. These tools are intended for microinsurance organisations and for other stakeholders such as funders, donors or network organisations. 

Financial performance indicators

In 2006 and 2007 ADA and BRS in collaboration with the Microinsurance Network organised two workshops in Luxembourg for microinsurance practitioners and experts from around the world with the aim of sharing experiences and initiating discussions about measuring microinsurance performance.

The key principles and indicators that were established during these workshops are applicable to all microinsurance providers, irrespective of legal structure, environment, organisational setup and type of microinsurance product offered, although there may be some differences in performance and interpretation.

The toolkit “Performance Indicators for Microinsurance” consists of the handbook on Financial Performance Indicators for Microinsurance and a Microinsurance (MI) Factsheet.  Both tools complement each other and are designed to be used together. The Microinsurance Factsheet calculates the ten key performance indicators that were agreed upon within the microinsurance sector. The handbook assists the reader with the interpretation of the obtained results.

Microfact conducts workshops to teach microinsurers on the importance and usage. Microfact provides enhanced support for the microinsurance key performance indicators by offering a Microinsurance KPIs Audit programme. Organisations are welcome to request this programme for issues related to the implementation of the KPI’s.  


Social performance indicators

In 2010 social performance indicators were developed as a continuation of the process that started in 2006 to develop balanced performance indicators for microinsurance. These indicators are a recognition that the social goals inherent within microinsurance are just as important as the need to be financially sound.

A handbook 'Social Performance Indicators for Microinsurance' is the result of a sector wide consensus building process led by the Microinsurance Network's Performance Working Group in which a fair representation of microinsurance practitioners took the lead role. It is published by ADA in close collaboration with BRS, GIZ, Grameen Crédit Agricole Microfinance Foundation and the Microinsurance Network.

Watch the webinar below to find out more about the microinsurance social performance indicators and to learn the insights gained by Star Microinsurance in Ghana and Care Hospitals in India by applying the indicators.

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