Microinsurance Factsheet


The Microinsurance Factsheet is an easy-to-use tool that comprises financial statements adapted for the microinsurance practitioners. It applies the relevant key principles and calculates 15 key performance indicators that are agreed upon within the microinsurance sector.


This Microinsurance Factsheet, together with the handbook “Performance Indicators For Microinsurance Practioners”, forms the toolkit “Performance Indicators for Microinsurance”. Both tools complement each other and are designed to be used together. The handbook complements the Factsheet by assisting the user with the interpretation of the obtained results.



  • Easy and fast to use (in Microsoft Excel format)
  • Tailored balance sheet and income statement for microinsurance
  • Customises financial statements in relation to the number of insurance products and access to reinsurance
  • Generates indicators and graphs automatically
  • Includes built-in comprehensive explanations
  • Complements a comprehensive handbook
  • Multi-language switch (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Rusian)
  • Free to use with online support

Tailored to the needs of:

  • Organisations with microinsurance activities
  • Support organisations (funders, donors,…)



To receive a free copy of the Microinsurance Factsheet, go to the Download section.



For any specific question regarding the Microinsurance Factsheet, please have a look at its FAQ




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