FAQ Microinsurance Factsheet

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to complete the first report?

    It takes two to three hours for the first report and 15 minutes to update.

  • How much does it cost to use the Microinsurance Factsheet?

    Microinsurers can use the Microinsurance Factsheet  free of charge provided it is used internally and for non-commercial purposes.
    You are not allowed to use the Microinsurance Factsheet for other purposes (such as training for instance) without our authorization.
    Please contact us for more information.

  • Where can I get support?

    We provide free online support.
    Please go to the support section.

  • Can the Microinsurance Factsheet be customised?

    Yes. The Excel format of the Microinsurance Factsheet allows you to customize it. Note that your customization will have to be reapplied when upgrading to a newer version of the Microinsurance Factsheet.

    Tip: Certain sheets of the Excel workbook are protected.  Before editing you must unprotect the sheet.


    In Excel 2003:

    • Click Tools >  Protection  >  Unprotect Sheet  
    In Excel 2007 and 2010
    • Click Review > Unprotect Sheet

    Please note that the sheets will be protected automatically as soon as you go on another sheet.

  • The Microinsurance Factsheet isn't working properly. What is happening?

    You must check that macros are enabled in Excel. 

    Please follow these simple steps to enable macros in Excel 2003
    • Click Tools in the menu bar 
    • Click Macro 
    • Click Security 
    • Select Very high and confirm by clicking Ok 
    • Close Excel and reopen the MICROINSURANCE Factsheet


    Please follow these simple steps to enable the macro's in Excel 2007
    • Click Microsoft Office Button
    • Click Excel Options
    • Click the Trust Center button on the left.
    • At the bottom right, select Trust Center Settings 
    • Select Enable all macros and confirm by clicking Ok
    • Close Excel and reopen the MICROINSURANCE Factsheet

  • How can invisible sheets be made visible?

    The MICROINSURANCE Factsheet comprises a few invisible sheets.
    Under certain circumstances, it might be useful to make the hidden sheets visible. 

    Please follow these simple steps to perform this action in Excel 2003:
    • Click Format in the menu bar 
    • Click Sheet 
    • Click Unhide 
    • Select a sheet and click OK 

  • How can you fill out a new year in the Microinsurance Factsheet?

    At the beginning of successive years, the factsheet can be automatically adjusted for continued data entry in that year, by clicking the button "Next Year" in the top left corner of the sheet "BRS00: Identification Sheet". 

    This will generate a new factsheet in which the Actual Year is adjusted and all previous information moves one column to the left.

  • What is new in the latest version from the Microinsurance Factsheet?

    Please refer to the version history to learn what has been changed in the latest version of the MICROINSURANCE Factsheet.
    To know which version you are using, look at cell F26 in the "Identification" sheet of the MICROINSURANCE Factsheet.


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