In November 2023, we attended the European Microfinance Week in Luxembourg. EMW brings together all actors of the inclusive finance sector, including consultants, service providers, investors, multilateral and national development agencies, NGOs, and researchers.

We got an opportunity to present our new initiative called Microfact Alliance for Impact (MAI). Check out our presentation here. We created MAI to support different stakeholders of the sector and create a broad impact around the world. How do we do this?

  • By creating alliances with impact investors, TA partners, networks, and associations 
  • Having a comprehensive high-quality e-learning offer
  • Institutional strengthening of Financial Service Providers (FSPs). 

Who is this for?

  • Impact investment funds
  • Technical Assistance Providers
  • Microfinance Networks and associations


The MAI offers…
attractive discounts, personalised connections with certified Microvision consultants, assistance in submitting the MFI Factsheet to ATLAS, AND customized start dates of our 2 e-learning courses- you would not want to miss out on this initiative. 


Improve the trainee’s knowledge with access to our two e-learning courses. “Performance Evaluation of MFIs” and “Business Planning with projections in Microvision”. 


Here is some feedback on our e-learning course: 

“To be a good staff of an MFI, it is good to understand the basics of financial statements, financial analysis, and financial projections. In that sense after joining UFC, I had a chance of getting to knowMicrofact who is a good partner of our MFI and I have participated in Microfact training for both “Performance evaluation of MFIs” and “Business Planning with projections in Microvision”. I am now able to prepare an MFI Factsheet and make projections with Microvision of any MFI. The way training, training materials, and support during training are organized is excellent. I would recommend all my colleagues to participate into it. The special thing I remained with is “Performance Evaluation and Key Performance Indicators of an MFI”. 

Noel Muhawenimana
Chief Executive Officer
Umutanguha Finance Company (UFC) – Rwanda


The MAI also consists of 3 packages depending on how many trainees per year follow our courses. The more trainees, the more discount you get. 

Ready to get started?

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