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06/09/2013 14:41

Our last training on Financial Performance assessment of MFI’s took us to Phnom Penh in Cambodia and was held from the 9th until the 11th of July 2013. The workshop was organized by the Cambodian Microfinance Association (CMA), Cambodia’s professional association. CMA plays a vital role in creating local and international networks as well as seeking equity and loan funds, new technologies and overseeing conflict resolution between microfinance operators. As such, many of CMA’s members were invited to attend the workshop: out of its 27 members, 11 MFI’s were able to send their financial managers and officers to attend the 3-day course. 


In Cambodia, Microfinance has been expanding to poor people in more remote areas and specifically women. Approximately 80% of MFI clients live in rural areas and 81% of clients are women with the repayment rate from clients almost up to 98% before the financial crisis in 2008. MFIs in Cambodia have been shown to empower women as the head of the family who often have good cash management skills and recent studies estimated that the provision of financial services has impacted 3,878,618 Cambodian people. For more information in Cambodia’s microfinance sector, please visit https://cma-network.org/drupal/.




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Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have put on hold all our workshops. We will keep you posted on any further developments. Stay safe and healthy!

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