Morocco: successful test of a new training module

18/03/2014 14:49

With more than 800,000 customers and mobilizing about € 500 million in microloans, the microfinance sector in Morocco is very active. The Mohammed VI center (CMS) in Casablanca is a center of education and training. At the request of CMS, ADA and BRS organized a workshop for the management of MFIs and students. It was a successful test of a new training module that not only dealt with the financial but also with the social performance of MFIs.

Among the participants, expectations vis-à-vis the social dimension were very high. The crisis in Morocco in the years 2007-2008 was clearly not yet forgotten. The introduction of the new tools - the MFI Factsheet 3.6 and the SPI4 - to measure and analyze the social performance were highly appreciated.



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