Evaluation de la performance des IMF

Apprenez à remplir la IMF Factsheet et à interpréter les indicateurs clés de performance (KPIs) !

Durée : 8 semaines

Niveau d’effort : 5 heures par semaine. Notre cours est un cours asynchrone, orienté vers l’apprentissage individuel du participant. Un formateur Microfact certifié sera disponible tout au long du cours pour répondre à toutes vos questions.

Pour plus d’information concernant la formation en ligne, veuillez consulter cette page.

Pour les organisations souhaitant inscrire 4 personnes ou plus, veuillez contacter les coordinateurs Microfact pour une offre personnalisée : info@microfact.org.

Modes De Paiement: Paypal, Carte de Crédit ou Virement Bancaire.


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Check out what other students had to say about the course:

Fabien Ntuyenabo

Umutanguha Finance Company PLC- Rwanda

“I have completed the course Performance evaluation of MFIs and I got great improvement and a strong impact on my responsibilities. I encourage my colleagues to participate in Microfact training.”

María Socorro Hernández

Director of Administration and Finance
Grupo Conserva – Mexico

“The course is very complete, you can have the operational, financial, and social indicators to measure the MFI in a more timely manner. The tool is simple and easy to fill in and interpret. The course is recommended because it allows you to review and analyze the information of your own MFI, adding value to the company for decision-making in an efficient and timely manner.”

Hans Hekkenberg

Owner and director
Risktensive Management – The Netherlands


“Microfact is very easy to learn and use, it is extremely user-friendly. It provides not only financial but also social performance indicators.

I highly recommend it to all that want to analyze the performance of an MFI in a broader sense.”

Bekele Gedefa

Head of Accounting
Buusaa Gonofaa MFI – Ethiopia

Microfact training comprises the overall information and activities of microfinance institutions. This comprehensive training help MFIs with decision-making. I appreciate Microfact coordinators and trainers for a well-organized digital training on “Performance evaluation of MFs”.

I recommend my colleagues to take this training because it provides the knowledge and tool to share with funders and donors as well as to make future planning.


Perla Rosales Rodríguez

General Manager
F&GE Consultores – Nicaragua

“The learning has been very satisfying, it has strengthened my knowledge, with a very structured, dynamic, and convenient methodology for my schedule. This tool is one of the best I have known for the evaluation and monitoring of MFIs due to its systematicity, its ease of understanding, and use. I recommend it.”

Elisabeth Ramos

Financial Administrator
OM CRÉDITO – Cabo Verde

“The part that surprised me the most was the chapter on letting the figures talk, where you could analyze and interpret ratios. I recommend this course to all my colleagues to acquire tools that help them know and interpret financial data.”

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