Microfact attended SAM: Semaine africaine de la microfinance (African Microfinance Week) on 16-20 October 2023 in Togo.

“Towards sustainable inclusive finance.”

The SAM is a biennial 5-day event that is hosted by a different country every year. It is dedicated to the development of financial inclusion in Africa with up to 900 inclusive financial professionals from all around the world attending. 

Every single edition of SAM is a celebration of inclusive finance in its best format. Perfect organization, and impressive program of the conference, training, and meetings. Make this event the largest networking platform for microfinance institutions and their stakeholders in Africa.

SAM in Lomé, Togo has been a great momentum for Microfact to promote our tools and training. We believe they are a great added value for an Inclusive Finance sector. Having a stand in the Networking Area, in just one week we could get in touch with hundreds of managers. Along with decision-makers, and investors who were interested in our free tools: Microvision and MFI Factsheet. These tools allow for monitoring the performance. Also making projections and business plans for microfinance institutions.

We were also there to promote our Microfact e-learning platform that offers two online courses: “Performance Evaluation of MFIs” and “Business Planning with Projections in Microvision”, both available in English, French, and Spanish. We showcased our work to a unique audience of microfinance professionals and met lots of potential users and participants.


In particular, WE appreciated two sessions, that turned out to be extremely interesting and informative:

What do we mean by sustainable inclusive finance? Definitions, taxonomies, labelling

  • We met there an inspiring facilitator of this session: Christoph Jungfleisch, managing director and co-founder of YAPU. YAPU provides digital tools supporting financial institutions in developing countries targeting the most vulnerable, microenterprises and small- and medium-sized enterprises. They support partners to identify social, climate, and nature-related financial risks and address them with dedicated loan products.
  • Transparency and impact: measuring the real effect of sustainable inclusive finance to avoid greenwashing – a subject which is continuously important and should receive always enough attention from all the stakeholders working in Inclusive Finance.


Thank you to the organizers: ADA, MAIN, the Luxembourgish government, and the governments of the hosting countries for organising such a fantastic event. The stand of Microfact has been one of the most visited and appreciated. In Togo, we could see again all our Microfact fans and the users of our tools. Along with our certified Microfact trainers, and Microvision consultants, exchange with them, share our knowledge and experience, and plan where we meet again.

It was also a wonderful experience to reconnect with multiple actors from the Microfinance sector working for financial inclusion. 

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