This video shows a summary of how our services have grown month after month. 

Our summary of 2020 included:

  • Celebrating our 10 years of Microfact with big achievements within those 10 years
  • KPIs workshops in DR Congo, Cameroon, and EMP in Brussels
  • We wrote a blog that allowed us to support our partners with more than 1000 downloads- read it today.
  • We made a new website with a built-in responsive web design
  • Our e-learning platform was created and we chose DOKEOS

We thought to end a wonderful and successful year it might be a great opportunity to introduce you to our funding partner BRS. 


summaryWhat does BRS do? 

BRS is the acronym of the Belgian Raiffeisen Foundation. Since the incorporation of BRS in 1998, their mission has been to support rural entrepreneurs and farmers in the South. Along with giving them the opportunity to improve their lives in a sustainable manner. BRS does this by supporting local organisations. BRS vzw focuses on training, providing advice, and coaching employees of microfinance and microinsurance institutions in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. 

Over 25 years of experience have taught us many things. Such as cooperation, solidarity, and mutual respect make a world of difference to countless entrepreneurs in the South. That is the message BRS is trying to convey in the North.


Thank you for your support BRS!

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