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Over the years, BRS and ADA have pooled their expertise to offer tools that focus on building the capacity of Microfinance Institutions. These tools are distributed on microfact.org, a joint and dedicated website, to insure their promotion within the sector.


ADA, Appui au Développement Autonome, is a Luxembourg based NGO created in 1994. Its mission is to support microfinance activities as a means to alleviate poverty in developing countries. ADA has focused its activities on the support of microfinance institutions.


BRS, Belgian Raiffeisen Foundation, provides coaching, advice, and training to cooperative microfinance institutions to help sustainably improve the quality of life of rural entrepreneurs and farmers in the South.

BRS draws on a wealth of experience and know-how of expert volunteers from KBC Bank & Insurance and the Cera cooperative. It establishes long-term working relationships with cooperative microfinance institutions to help them achieve sustainable growth.

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