Microfact has developed different monitoring and financial performance analysis tools. These tools are intended for microfinance institutions and for other organisations active in the sector such as funders, donors or networks. In total, almost 1000 institutions and organisations use one of our various Microfact tools.


A simple and user-friendly tool for monitoring the financial and social performance of a microfinance institution.


Version of the MFI Factsheet which is specifically developed for the UEMOA (BCEAO) region in West-Africa. 


A new standard for making projections for the small and medium sized microfinance institutions. The tool enables MFIs to make simplified projections over a 5-year period.


MFIs can use these tables as a bridge between their local chart of accounts and the standardised format of the MFI Factsheet.

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Microvision 16.15Download the New Version TODAY!

The new and improved 'Microvision 16.15' tool is simple and user-friendly that provides simplified projections that is an essential and valuable contribution to the MFI’s business plans.


  • It has built manual for guidance
  • Historical figures can be uploaded automatically from MFI Factsheet
  • Free to use with an online support
  • Based on the consensus of the microfinance industry.

Available in multi language function