Business planning WITH projections iN Microvision

Microfact offers this new workshop to managers, consultants and experts who work with institutions dedicated to inclusive finance (microfinance). They will gain valuable knowledge on how to support MFIs in building their business plans and elaborating financial projections through the use of Microvision.

Training method

The workshop is highly interactive and practical. It applies adult learning techniques. By working on different case studies, participants will get to know the tool, make different assumptions and develop scenarios. The main focus of the workshop is given to building and implementing a business plan for the MFIs.

Microfact workshop has distinctive didactic features so as to generate:

  • Interactivity: participants will be working in groups, trying to reach a consensus on their main strategic orientations and main assumptions. Results of each group will be shared with the group and discussed
  • Putting learning into practice: practical exercises and analysis of scenarios and trends are also part of the course. The workshop ends with a final case study encompassing all the notions reviewed
  • Participation: after a large amount of hands-on time working on the computer, participants are invited to interpret and comment on the steps undertaken by themselves and by the other groups, in light of their specific operational context and institutional organization
  • Exchange: managers, consultants and experts will be encouraged to share their own experience and expectations, as to promote good practices in the business planning process with the use of Microvision.


4 day workshop includes:

  • Strengthening participants capacity in business by defining their main strategic orientations and making assumptions
  • Enhancing the skills and capacity of managers, consultants and experts in interpreting ratios, analysing financial and social trends, developing long-term, diversified financing strategies and identifying key areas to mitigate risks
  • Analysing and challenging the results by developing different scenarios of the MFIs performance and simulating the impact of key decisions
  • Explaining how to use Microvision in the process of developing financial and social projections and communicate them to stakeholders
  • Promoting the exchange of knowledge and experience among participants.

Target audience

This workshop is intended for the managers, consultants and experts who are willing to assist MFIs in building their business plans and make projections with the use of Microvision.
An understanding of basic accounting principles and fundamental microfinance principles, is required.
Participants should therefore have at least 2 years work experience in the financial inclusion sector. An understanding of the microfinance sector is required to understand the challenges MFIs face and to define assumptions and scenarios.
Number of participants for each training course will be between 15 and 20, with a minimum of 8, maximum of 2 participants per organisation to encourage interaction.
Participants of the workshop receive a certificate of participation.
Only after performing a technical assistance mission for an MFI in the year following the training, they obtain an official Microfact certification and will be promoted on the Microfact website and via other media.


The workshop on business planning and financial & social projections with Microvision is organised by Microfact. Microfact provides the 4-day course content, moderates the workshop and offers lunches and coffee breaks.
Cost of the workshop: 2.000 €. Travel, accommodation and all other possible costs are covered by the participants. Course fee must be paid in full at the time of registration.
Microfact does not reserve places in the course without receiving payment. Microfact doesn’t provide any scholarships.
Please check the agenda on the main page for the preset dates of the workshops.

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