TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: Business planning WITH projections iN Microvision

Microfact Consultants offer this Technical Assistance to institutions dedicated to inclusive finance (microfinance). They will support MFIs in building their business plans and elaborating financial projections through the use of Microvision.


The technical assistance is highly interactive and practical. By working on the own data, employees of the MFI will get to know Microvision tool, make different assumptions and develop scenarios. The main focus of the technical assistance is given to elaborating financial and social projections, as an important part of the business planning process.

MFI that haS received this technical assistance will be able to:

  • Understand Microvision and its functionalities
  • Develop financial and social projections
  • Verify and interpret results
  • Develop strategic scenarios
  • Use Microvision autonomously and be able to regularly adjust the financial and social projections of their business plan.

structure and technical assistance methodology

TA is divided into 4 distinct phases:

  • Frame the TA (around 0,5 day). Scoping meeting with a general manager and his/her assistant(s) to explain the TA objectives, understand the expectations and needs. Setting up the TA: setting up a dedicated team, defining the next steps for data collection, organizing the in-person workshop 
  • Collect necessary data (around 1 day). Set of data must be collected in order to use Microvision. Microfact has prepared two templates, which facilitate efficient data collection: MFI Factsheet (with a historical financial statements) and “Microvision preparatory work file” (it allows the collect additional data, such as a summary of strategic orientations, characteristics of financial products (loans and savings), information on human resources, etc.). 
  • Workshop to develop a baseline scenario (around 2-3 days). During this workshop participants will work on the projections in Microvision for their own MFI, so that they take ownership of the tool.
  • Development of additional scenarios (around 1-2 days). Optional phase, in case the additional scenarios are needed.

Target audience

This TA requires a mobilization of a multidisciplinary team, employees of the MFI, including the general manager. Individuals with in-depth knowledge of the history and strategy of the MFI, financial management, human resources and operations aspects, will need to be part of the team. In particular, there is a need for:

  • a designated person, who will take the ownership of the Microvision tool during the TA and afterwards (make the necessary adjustments to the scenarios, according to the events and the achievement of the objectives). This person needs to be comfortable with the use of Excel file, financial and social performance indicators and the interpretation of graphs;
  • a designated person who will coordinate the organization of the TA and who will be the point of contact for the Microvision Consultant. 


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