Business planning with projections in Microvision

Microfact offers this new workshop to managers, consultants, and experts who work with institutions dedicated to inclusive finance (microfinance). They will gain valuable knowledge on how to support MFIs in building their business plans and elaborating financial projections through the use of Microvision.

Duration: 8 weeks

Level of effort: 5 hours per week. Our course is an asynchronous course, focused on the individual learning of the participant. A certified Microfact trainer will be available throughout the course to answer all your questions.

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For organizations willing to register 4 persons or more, please contact Microfact Coordinators for a customized offer:

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Check out what other students had to say about the course:

Charles Ndahimana

Director of Operations
Goshen Finance PLC – Rwanda

“With Microfact training we learn by both, theories and practices. I recommend the training “Business planning with Microvision” because when finishing the course, you are able to make a business plan using the tool for your institution and train others who may need it.”

Amer Hidmi

Operations Manager
Vitas – Palestine

What makes Microvision very special as an analyzing tool is having the option to save and compare 3 scenarios on the same file, sheet, and graph.

I highly recommend the “Business planning with projections in Microvision” course for all decision-makers at MFIs. It gives a better insight into the achievement vs Goals and can easily switch the plan between scenarios.

Dennisse Quant

Responsible for Added Value Services

“Microvision is a very useful tool, particularly for those working on strategic planning who require a tool for making financial projections. Microvision is fully aligned with the microfinance business. The tool is excellent, and the training methodology is very practical.”

Nabil Kesraoui

International Consultant in Financial Inclusion and Impact Investing

“Microvision tool is effortless to use for beginners and all the stakeholders when preparing and making projections. It gives a holistic view of all the components of the business plan and allows you to change its elements according to your own organisation’s needs. It is fantastic that you can work our different scenarios and decide to make a financial plan for 3 or 5 years. Microfact did a great job with their e-learning course, as it caters to all professionals working in Microfinance. Thank you Microfact for this tool and your course, both are very valuable and high-quality!”

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  • managing an Impact Investment Fund or member of an Impact Investment Fund team? 
  • providing a Technical Assistance (TA) program or facility for FSPs investees, members or partners? 
  • willing to strengthen FSPs skills in business planning or financial and social management?

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